What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

— William Shakespeare
According to http://www.shmoop.com/shakespeare-quotes/whats-in-a-name/meaning-then.html “Juliet was smart. … The names that we call things are just randomly assigned by, well, us. Just because people named something a billion years ago doesn’t mean that’s what it is.

… Names are just arbitrary, so we shouldn’t read into them so much. … Names are random. … But the problem with this kind of reasoning is that over time, names do mean something.”


And there is actually a meaning behind the naming of Hollow Hill Event Center.

It all started back in April 1983. David and Jean Gechter bought the south end of the Tucker Dairy Farm. The only things on the property were brush and briar! So, with the help of David’s dad and brother, the Gechters began clearing the land.

Once we had a shed to house “stuff” we were able to turn our attention to a place to live. The country had just been through a major energy crisis, so David wanted our home to be very energy-efficient. Jean has “fears” of fire and tornadoes so this led to only one choice – go underground!

The acreage we bought from John Tucker had the perfect hill to house a home. After building the shed and having David’s dad bulldoze a road (which became the last half mile of Mary Drive), work began on dozing out the hill. Once the shell of the house was completed and the waterproofing was put on, the dirt was “put back” leaving only the front uncovered – we had hollowed out the hill – hence the name “Hollow Hill”.

Building our home was a family adventure. David’s brother was also building an underground house next door, so David’s parents would drive down from Kansas and help work on both houses. We also put the kids to work! Bob was about 9 years old and Katherine 6 – but there was a lot they could do and they enjoyed participating in such a unique experience.

Construction did not proceed as quickly as we had first imagined. Although we had moved into the house in 1987, we were still undergoing major construction when both Bob and Katherine graduated from high school!!


“Roses do not bloom hurriedly; for beauty, like any masterpiece, takes time to blossom.”
Matshona Dhliwayo


And David was indeed creating a masterpiece!

During the 27 years of construction we continued living our “normal” lives. David flew for American Airlines, so he would leave home for several days at a time and then continue working on the house when he returned. Jean was teaching and the kids were in school. We started hosting our church’s annual picnics and every year we would give tours around the house so everyone could see what progress had been made in the past year!

Hollow Hill Event Center was actually the result of these annual picnics. We discovered that many people considered our country “farm” to be Paradise! They loved the open space, communing with nature, and the general peacefulness of being in the country. We had a number of friends suggest that we “share” this treasure in some way.

Jean retired from teaching in 2004 and David retired from American Airlines in 2008. The seed had been planted and, since neither could just sit around all day, the idea of a venue grew.

Sheds had to be emptied and cleaned out. And something had to be designed! David is a man of many talents – in addition to being able to do the construction and electrical work and plumbing, etc. – David found that he is extremely creative! And he could also put these creative ideas on paper – and Hollow Hill became real!

Hollow Hill Event Center did not start out as a wedding venue. The venue was created by remodeling existing buildings, adding on and constructing new areas – this is why Hollow Hill is not one big building, which makes it unique.

Hollow Hill has not reached a “completed” stage. David is forever thinking of new things – remodeling the Pavilion to create a Spanish Mission, working on the pond to make it hold water! Something here, something there – always with the goal of creating a unique and fun experience for future couples and their family and friends. Our son Bob has joined us as General Manager of Hollow Hill Event Center – and he too has “ideas!” And the beat goes on!

Jean Gechter

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